Your terrace has just melt out of snow or it looks a little bit worn out? This means it is the time to order cleaning and oiling of terrace from Colorett Ltd!

Wooden terrace needs maintenance – this is exactly what we do. Oiled terrace remains beautiful for couple of years and then it needs a careful cleaning and treatment.

Maintenance in spring and oiling the terrace gives a fresh look for the whole summer and protects the timber from the sun, which consistently destroys the timber. In autumn and winter oil prevents the terrace planking from icing. If no maintenance has been done previously, bacteria’s enter in the timber and start to decompose it rapidly, making the defensive capacity of timber against ultraviolet radiation to diminish and as a result it changes the color into grey (see from the photo below).

Our service consists of complete cleaning or deep cleaning (elimination of old oil or color, dust and moss) using strong brushes and special terrace cleaner as well as treatment with terrace oil (as appropriate up to 3 layers). The price depends on the volume of work and it is carried out by experienced specialists with professional facilities.

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The result is worth it!

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Some extra information to afore-mentioned.

The best material (and the most used one too) of wooden terrace is a deep-treated terrace plank. If the floor is still new, there is no need to put some finishing product or protector.

The best it to leave such floor for a year to stay under the real weather – during that time sun burns the finishing product from the upper pores of the wood and the finishing product can then infiltrate.

It is especially important when you wish to tint green terrace plank into a different color, otherwise the same finishing product starts to change the tone of finish.

In general, terrace planks that have been on the ground for one year are dry enough to be oiled. Oil is applied on the wood with a brush along the plank. The plus of using a brush rather than a roll is that it rubs the oil into the wood. Roll applies and spreads the oil around the wood. It is important that the wood saturates from oil! If there is a doubt whether to let the terrace dry some more time after the wash or not, then it is better to do so.

NB! Before the oiling it is important to measure the wetness of the wood – it should be under 19%!

According to the instructions you can step on the oiled terrace already on the next day, but if it is necessary, you may do so within just couple of hours after the oiling procedure – just make sure you step carefully with your shoes which have a clean, strong and smooth sole. However, terrace will be fully usable within a week time.

Every year terrace should be checked and if needed repeat the oiling. Terrace oil’s principal enemy is the sunshine (not really water and snow) and this is why the southern terrace needs a more frequent maintenance. Direct and hot sunshine accelerates the drying of oil, which means that the intake of oil into the wood decreases as the drying of oil starts straight after the applying. On the other hand, cool and humid temperature prolongs the drying of oils. According to different producers of oil, the air temperature during the oiling should be between 13-22 degrees.

For decorative finish and protection different terrace oils are suitable for deep-treated wood; these oils include agents against mold and are suitable for previously oiled soft wood types (pine, fir, cedar, larch). In order to use any oil, terrace must be cleaned and dry.

What oil does?
efficiently takes into basecoat
prevents the wetness to enter
protects from the sun radiation
prevents the distribution of mold

NB! Oiled terrace planks need maintenance – this means oiling once a year.

Terrace oil can be tinted too – into pink or shiny yellow, but of course there is a wide range of options including brown, grey, etc.

I keep the color cards always nearby in my car – feel free to ask!

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